Elvis Presley

This Is Our Dance

(Les Reed, Geoff Stephens)
capo 2nd


Am                   D     Bm                        Em
We had a real good evening  now all our friends are leaving,
 Am    D       G
soon we'll be alone,
Am                     Em     A             B7  F#   D
wait till everybody has gone, then play just one more song.

   D7          G                      E
'Cause this is our dance, darling, remember,
it's our dance, loving and tender,
   Em          G   Em                    F#    D
I'll take you away, take you away in my arms.
  D7         G                        E
Yes, this is our dance, now we're together,
for our dance can't last forever
      Em       G    Em                       F#    D
and nobody knows just what tomorrow will bring.
        D7           G
So let our dance begin!

Am                       D        Bm               Em
We'll turn the light down low now,  I'll never let you go now,
 Am    D          G
you're here in my arms.
Am                                    Em    
And when I hear you whisper you're mine
 A              B7  F#             D
we'll play that song just one more time.


C  Am  D  G
из альбома: “Love Letters from Elvis” (1971)

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