Elvis Presley

I Was The One

(Aaron Schroeder, Bill Peppers, Claude Demetrius, Hal Blair)
C         Am       Dm7          G7-9
I was the one who taught her to kiss
    C            Am         Dm    G7 
the way that she kisses him now
    C            C7       F            Fm
and you know the way she touches your cheek
C          Am       D7   G7
well, I taught her how

C         Am       Dm7           G7-9
I was the one who taught her to cry
     C             Am         Dm7    G7
when she wants you under her spell
    C             C7              F            Fm
The sight of her tears drives you out of your mind
C    Dm7     G7  C    C7
I taught her so well

      F             Fm
And then one day, I had my love
   C       G7-9        C
as perfect as    could be
She lived, she love, she laughed she cried
and it was all for me

But I'll never know who taught her to lie
and now that it's over and done
Who learned the lesson when she broke my heart
C  Dm7  G7   C     F7  C 
I was   the one
из альбомов: “Heartbreak Hotel” (сингл) (1956), “For LP Fans Only” (1959)

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